Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I *Heart* Realtors

Think carefully about remodeling your kitchen to sell your house.

Real estate agents create lots of business for us.  When people move into a new home, they often come calling at our showroom, looking to remodel their kitchen.  And sometimes real estate agents advise their clients that they’ll “have to do something with that kitchen” to sell their house.  Both make us happy to see new customers.

Here are some thoughts about what you might consider as you make your decision about remodeling your kitchen for sales purposes:

  • Consider refacing the existing cabinetry, a very cost-effective way to re-style your kitchen cabinets.  When an experienced, qualified refacing specialist is done, your cabinets will look like they are new custom cabinets, since the outsides indeed are!

  • Update the counter tops.  Look at other listings in your area and replace your counter tops with whatever material seems to be highlighted in the descriptions. 

  • Unless the appliances don’t work, are in poor condition, or are a mish-mash of finishes, leave them alone.  Many people replace them within a year of purchasing the house, anyway. 

In any case, remodeling the kitchen may not be cost effective.  Say you spend $20K to remodel your kitchen and hooray! your house sells.  Did you get $20K more than you could have without the remodeling the kitchen?  The commission goes up, too, so you have to consider that additional cost.  And here is the clinker, what if your taste doesn’t match the prospective buyer?  You just made your property harder to sell at a higher price!  Sometimes you may want to consider lowering your price, explaining that your lower price reflects what your buyer will want to pay for a kitchen face-lift. 

If your family does decide to remodel your kitchen for the purpose of selling it, be sure to make neutral selections in cabinetry and counter tops.  Make sure you choose quality products that blend with the colors and styles in your house. 

Usually the most important thing a kitchen remodeling project does is gets the house to sell faster.  Most real estate agents know their business and the local neighborhoods and want to get you the most they can for your property.  It behooves both the realtor and your family to get that higher price, but make sure you consider what makes the most sense for your situation and pocketbook.

And, finally, some of this sounds like we don't want you to remodel your kitchen. Well, we actually do. But at Pioneer Kitchens we think that customers who make an informed decision are happier customers. We really like satisfied customers.

So, maybe you are looking for a kitchen for a house you purchased through a realtor. Or maybe you are in need of a face-lift for your kitchen to get your home to sell. Either way, realtors do bring us a lot of quality, motivated customers. And that's why we love 'em!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

No Kicking The Dog!

Image result for scared dog

Don’t do a deal for a kitchen you don’t want. 

You want to remodel your kitchen because you don’t like the way it looks or functions. Please don’t stop short of what you really want.

Most folks recognize that there are always budget constraints and good common sense about resale value for your home, but isn’t it just as foolish to spend money to remodel your kitchen and still not like the style or way it is organized? That’s good money after bad!

You have to live with your kitchen, not the designer, not the installer, none of us. You and your family do. It’s our job at Pioneer Kitchens as your kitchen remodeler to design and create a kitchen for you that is useful and beautiful to you, that makes the time spent in your kitchen more enjoyable for you and your family.

So, don’t sell yourself short. Get what you actually want. Otherwise, you’ll likely regret your decision and kick yourself or maybe the dog because you wasted that money on a kitchen you still don’t love. So, please don’t kick the dog. It really isn’t her fault.